A Few Thoughts About Suikoden

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One of the games that had the biggest impact on me while I was growing up was 1996’s Suikoden. Released on the PlayStation, it was a traditional Japanese RPG that featured a large cast of characters and a story that focused on political intrigue.

I recently dusted off my PS Vita and fired the game up. 15 hours later, I had a new appreciation for the game (along with some old frustrations). In this video, I’m joined by Mark to discuss the 27 True Runes, bad inventory management, and weapon sharpening!

The Pensky Podcast Patreon

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Hey, Pensky Podcast listeners!

Each week, we spend hours watching and thinking about Star Trek and other kinds of entertainment media. We love that stuff! And then we get to make a podcast about it, and sometimes people listen! And while what we do is mostly a labor of love, it does impact our time (and wallets). Now we’d like to take the next step in producing the podcast…

That’s where you come in: if you chip in a couple bucks per month, we can create even more content!

Don’t worry: the main Star Trek show will always remain free and available as an MP3 download or on our YouTube page. But if we receive enough financial support per month, we’ll have the means to create extra episodes and bonus content! We can do more giveaways! You can add to your t-shirt collection! You’ll finally be able to hear our opinions about Robocop 3!

Thanks very much for listening to the show. Please don’t feel obligated to become a Patreon supporter, but we do hope that our rewards will make it worthwhile.

In the immortal words of Jean-Luc Picard, “I need you!”



What Did I Play? [05/30/16 – 06/05/16]

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A vlog about the board games and video games I played between 05/30/16 and 06/05/16! Some quick thoughts about Evolution, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Dark Moon, and Suikoden.


Labyrinth: The War on Terror iPad App

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There’s an app (in beta) for the jihadist AI of Labyrinth! This video examines how the app works and I give some thoughts on why I enjoy it so much.

Talking “Stardew Valley” with Modi Operandus

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Modi and I discuss the 2016 surprise smash hit, “Stardew Valley”. A farming sim in the vein of Harvest Moon, this small indie game has sold millions of copies since its release.

Modi and I discuss what works and what doesn’t, the pleasure in small things, and how to play the game the “right” way.

What Did I Play? [3/14/16 – 3/20/16]

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A vlog about the board games and video games I played between 3/13/16 and 3/20/16! Some quick thoughts about the Twilight Struggle beta and 7 Wonders: Duel.

The Twilight Struggle Beta A.I.

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The beta for Twilight Struggle on Steam recently updated, and the new version of the game includes a rudimentary artificial intelligence which can act as your opponent. Previously, the game required you to find an opponent via online matchmaking, so this is a big deal for those anti-social types who’d rather wage a potential nuclear war against a faceless robotic enemy.

This video is the first game I played against the new AI. As a note, the developers released this with the caveat that the AI is extremely raw, and that the games against it will be nothing compared to a real, human opponent. Is this true? Does it matter? You can find out in the video!

What Did I Play? [3/07/16 – 3/13/2016]

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A vlog about the board games and video games I played between 3/07/16 and 3/13/16!

Some quick thoughts about XCOM 2, Stardew Valley, and the Twilight Struggle beta.

What Did I play? [2/29/16 – 3/06/16]

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A vlog about the board games and video games I played between 2/29/16 and 3/06/16!

Some quick thoughts about Jaipur, XCOM 2, The Binding of Issac, Arboretum and Stardew Valley.