Haven – Ft. Modi Operandus

Modi Operandus makes a return visit to the podcast, and we discuss “Haven”. The first appearance of Lwanxana Troi is no match for our delicate sensibilities! We also wonder about 24th century harp music, what exactly it is that Riker is doing in his quarters, and is it acceptable to leave your sexy drawings of blond women out in a place where your arranged marriage bride can see them?

Hide and Q

If you were offered the powers of a god, would you take them? The Q entity offers Commander Riker exactly that: the chance to become all powerful. Is it a trick? A trap? Or just an extremely generous proposition? The only thing I’m 100% sure of is that these new abilities will absolutely NOT go to Riker’s head! No way.

The Battle

The Ferengi return, and they’ve brought a present! When Captain Picard is given the hull of his old command, the USS Stargazer, he gets so emotional that he starts suffering from crippling headaches. I wonder what that device is, the one that the Ferengi Daimon keeps massaging and muttering about?

Justice – Ft. Modi Operandus

Our very first guest! In this episode, YouTuber Modi Operandus joins us to discuss the sexy episode that is “Justice”. I think we can all agree that, despite the threat of immediate execution for even the tiniest infraction, a planet filled with beautiful people who have sex at the “drop of a hat” can’t be all that bad of a place. Nice planet.

Lonely Among Us

Hey man, Captain Picard just wants to explore the universe. Who are we to stop him? Oh, you mean he’s not actually himself since he’s been taken over by a ball of energy? And we need to deliver two enemy factions to a distant planet before they eat each other? And this is the first episode with a B storyline? Uh oh.

Where No One Has Gone Before

We have seen the edge of the universe, and it is colorful. When an alien known as The Traveler sends the Enterprise to the farthest reaches of the universe, the crew is forced to deal with a very long journey home. Fortunately, Wesley Crusher is going to become a super genius! Maybe he’ll be able to somehow save the day…?

The Last Outpost

“The Last Outpost” is the introduction of the Ferengi, an alien race obsessed with profit. Originally intended to become the chief antagonist of The Next Generation, the big-eared Ferengi instead became comic relief as the series progressed. This episode of the podcast is a “Portal” into the minds of a strange, goblin-like race.

Code of Honor

Like Omar from “The Wire” said, a man’s “got to have a code.” This episode, “Code of Honor”, is infamous for numerous reasons and resulted in the original director being fired by Gene Roddenberry before filming was complete. It also features Tasha Yar in a fight to the death! Exciting!

The Naked Now

What does the crew of a starship act like when they get drunk? Is Riker simply too manly to even get drunk in the first place? “The Naked Now” takes an Original Series episode and has the new crew kick the tires. Is it any good?

Encounter at Farpoint

We take a look at The Next Generation’s pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint”. Watched by over 30 million (!) people in 1987, this episode introduces the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Led by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the officers and crew of the Enterprise embark on their first mission by heading to the mysterious Farpoint Station.