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Each week, we spend hours watching and thinking about Star Trek and other kinds of entertainment media. We love that stuff! And then we get to make a podcast about it, and sometimes people listen! And while what we do is mostly a labor of love, it does impact our time (and wallets). Now we’d like to take the next step in producing the podcast…

That’s where you come in: if you chip in a couple bucks per month, we can create even more content!

Don’t worry: the main Star Trek show will always remain free and available as an MP3 download or on our YouTube page. But if we receive enough financial support per month, we’ll have the means to create extra episodes and bonus content! We can do more giveaways! You can add to your t-shirt collection! You’ll finally be able to hear our opinions about Robocop 3!

Thanks very much for listening to the show. Please don’t feel obligated to become a Patreon supporter, but we do hope that our rewards will make it worthwhile.

In the immortal words of Jean-Luc Picard, “I need you!”


2016 New Years Resolutions

I generally never stick to my New Year Resolutions, but I do think they’re a good thing to do, if only because it’s productive to think about where you are in life and where you’d like to be. For 2016, I’d like to try to focus on becoming more productive on the YouTube channel and the podcasts. I don’t think I need a piece of content every single day, but I do need regularity and to stick to a schedule.

One of my biggest problems is the inability to stick to a schedule and to do a little bit of something every day. I too frequently come home from work and use being tired as an excuse to not do anything. Or I’ll say that the upstairs neighbors are too loud to do any recording, when I could easily shoot b-roll or capture video or something similarly unrestricted by noise levels. An hour a day is a million times better than no hours a day, and I should try to stick to that.

That said, here are my New Years Resolutions for 2016:

  • Finish the TNG podcast (2 a week! We can do it!).
  • One board game or video game related piece of content each week.
  • Add music reviews to the YouTube channel. Nothing huge, maybe one a month or something, with an associated blog post.

That’s it! I can do it! Youze can do it! We all can do it!

An Irrational Office


I’ve worked in a corporate office for the past four years. It’s cliché at this point to mention the monotony of office work. Dilbert and The Office have already picked that bone clean. The intentional corporate atmosphere that is created by the soft drone of copy machines and the empty visual stimulation of cubicles with fabric walls is well known by a large portion of the American workforce. You arrive in the morning, survey the endless pile of paper work, accomplish a few tasks, and then go home to watch television before crawling into bed, and repeating the cycle only a few hours later. After a while, your thoughts begin to wander. Despite the fact that you are (unfortunately) sober, your mind starts to take on the disposition of a philosopher sprinkled with marijuana : this is what I do? I copy numbers from this place, plug them into this spot and then send that to someone else, for them to do something with it? This is what I create? This is the mark I leave on the world? Manipulating meaningless symbols to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for auditors to follow?

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Men, Women and Children

No one is ever going to say that Chad Kultgen is a master wordsmith. His novels always strike me as fleshed out screenplays; very straight forward and direct, with little description or clever language. His characters are rarely anything greater than the sum of their quirks, they have no separation from each other in any way outside of what each of them enjoys. All of his characters have the same dedicated focus and they all act remarkably similar to each other, even if their ultimate goals are different. His previous novels, “Average American Male” and “The Lie” both exist in the “fratire” genre, where the focus tends to be male oriented and extremely graphic and sexual. The sex is extremely male oriented; aggressive and detail oriented, with an emphasis on male dominance. That’s not a negative quality, it just should be recognized because it can be upsetting to some people. “American Male” was an interesting take on a nameless narrator who aimlessly goes through his life, driven only by sex and video games. “The Lie” was more complex, with a legitimately interesting plot that concerned the college careers of three fairly unlikable characters.

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