Chaos on the Bridge

“The Pensky Podcast”, my show that is currently running through all 178 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, continues! In a little bit of a side track, Clay and I watched “Chaos on the Bridge”, the William Shatner produced documentary that explores the first three years of the TNG era.

It’s an interesting, if scattershot, documentary that examines all of the tumult and interpersonal conflicts that plagued the show in its early years. We get a lot of conflicting stories, polite insults, and a few inner thoughts of people that existed on the fringe of popular culture for about 75 hour long television episodes.

In the video above, we breakdown what we think about the documentary, including our favorite writers, best stories, and which bit of juicy gossip got us the most excited! In all seriousness, the documentary is a worthwhile purchase (on Vimeo) that will probably have a few bits of information that even the most dedicated Trekkie might know.

Highly recommended!

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