Heart of Glory – Ft. Clay

Despite all the accusations, I am here to tell you that I am most certainly not a traitor of Kling! In this episode, Clay joins me to discuss “Heart of Glory”. We examine silly planet names, make-up in high definition, and how the Worf character fits into the overall Trek universe. Only an individual with the heart of a warrior should listen to this truly honorable episode!

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Coming of Age – Ft. Modi Operandus

There’s a conspiracy afoot, and Modi Operandus is here to help us snuff it out! When Wesley leaves the Enterprise to take his Starfleet SATs, he’s replaced by an hard nosed officer who’s out to find what’s ailing the Enterprise crew. Tough questions, tough answers, and the first “Riker Manuever” ever performed on screen!

Home Soil – Ft. Clay

An “ugly bag of mostly water” named Clay joins the podcast to help me understand the difficulties of terraforming a planet with only four people. In a truly amazing turn of events, an inorganic lifeform threatens the Enterprise and gives us one of the best episodes from season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

When the Bough Breaks

One of the things that separates the Original Series from The Next Generation is the fact that the Enterprise-D allowed families on board. In this episode, we examine a child-heavy episode called “When the Bough Breaks”. When kidnappers take children of the Enterprise hostage, Picard and Wesley must save the day and ban CFCs!

Too Short a Season – Ft. Clay

Clay returns to the podcast to discuss the perks to growing old! When an elderly admiral returns to a planet he visited 40 years ago, the crew of the Enterprise learns a valuable lesson about the importance of taking the correct dose of a prescribed medication.