Talking “Stardew Valley” with Modi Operandus

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Modi and I discuss the 2016 surprise smash hit, “Stardew Valley”. A farming sim in the vein of Harvest Moon, this small indie game has sold millions of copies since its release.

Modi and I discuss what works and what doesn’t, the pleasure in small things, and how to play the game the “right” way.

The Twilight Struggle Beta A.I.

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The beta for Twilight Struggle on Steam recently updated, and the new version of the game includes a rudimentary artificial intelligence which can act as your opponent. Previously, the game required you to find an opponent via online matchmaking, so this is a big deal for those anti-social types who’d rather wage a potential nuclear war against a faceless robotic enemy.

This video is the first game I played against the new AI. As a note, the developers released this with the caveat that the AI is extremely raw, and that the games against it will be nothing compared to a real, human opponent. Is this true? Does it matter? You can find out in the video!