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Hey, Pensky Podcast listeners!

Each week, we spend hours watching and thinking about Star Trek and other kinds of entertainment media. We love that stuff! And then we get to make a podcast about it, and sometimes people listen! And while what we do is mostly a labor of love, it does impact our time (and wallets). Now we’d like to take the next step in producing the podcast…

That’s where you come in: if you chip in a couple bucks per month, we can create even more content!

Don’t worry: the main Star Trek show will always remain free and available as an MP3 download or on our YouTube page. But if we receive enough financial support per month, we’ll have the means to create extra episodes and bonus content! We can do more giveaways! You can add to your t-shirt collection! You’ll finally be able to hear our opinions about Robocop 3!

Thanks very much for listening to the show. Please don’t feel obligated to become a Patreon supporter, but we do hope that our rewards will make it worthwhile.

In the immortal words of Jean-Luc Picard, “I need you!”


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